Blister Review

Blister wrote an awesome article about our Badger Skis! We are really excited to launch these products and bring the best all mountain skis to the market. We would love for you to be apart of the journey. We have been designing the perfect all mountain skis for years. They are ready and better than ever.

The Badger is designed to be a hard charging big mountain ski and is the right choice every day of the year. It is based around the concepts of modern big mountain skiing style, with the ability to pivot, hold an edge, land strong and get sendy. With a unique combination of stainless steel and poplar wood core, these skis charge and pop. They are the daily driver for the expert aggressive skier.

While that description is probably deserving of one of our Swagger Award nominations, after looking at, measuring, and flexing the Badger, we actually think that this description isn’t unreasonable. Keep reading to see why, but for now, I think the key phrases here are “modern big mountain skiing style,” “hard charging,” and “expert aggressive skier.”

Check out this article for more details on the Shape/Rocker profile, flex pattern, weight, mount point, and sidecut radius.

After you are done checking out the article. Try out the skis!