Still trying to decide whether to rent or buy? Maybe this will help. 


Rentals are convenient. They give you the best skis, every season, or every trip. If you want powder skis for Utah or your annual Vail trip - rent! All rentals come with the Tyrolia Attack 13 bindings, the best demo binding available and one which performs just like a downhill binding.
All rentals must be checked by a certified binding tech before you ski them, to ensure safety.
Rentals are also a great way to try a ski without buying it.


Want your own skis, mounted your way, ready to go whenever you want? Buy! Our skis are competitively priced, great at what they do, and offer years of enjoyment backed by our 3yr warranty. Skis are shipped directly to you without bindings and are guaranteed to be awesome.
Please reach out to us with any questions such as uses, mount points, or the difference between our models.